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What a few of our 600+ clients have to say

First, it is free, not like those other sites. That alone should be enough, but they are real people who take care of you if there is a problem because they are a locally owned site that wants you to be happy. Not to mention they always help the community in many ways from donations to sponsoring charitable events. Why would you pay more to AirBnB or VRBO when you do not have to? Doesn't make sense to me. PS I do not work for the company but appreciate what they do for Sayulita.

– LinaCasa Palmario

Thank you so much for all that you guys do. Your website generates income in a user-friendly and comprehensive way! We truly appreciate it!

– PhoebeCasa Corazon de Luz

BEST website for local information and true owner-direct bookings with no bookings fees. This is a locally owned company with folks who CARE!

– OlgaVilla Cuatro Monos

I've been listing my rental units at Villa Casa Terramar with them for over 9 years. Sayulita Life is a huge part of Sayulita. It is community-oriented organization and a great source of information for both tourists and locals.

– BethVilla Casa Terramar

Our vacation rental property is listed on 3 different listing sites, but is by far our favorite. We love that bookings are done directly through us with no service charge to the renter. In addition, we love the personal, local customer service we can always count on when we have questions. Thank you all at!

– Joan and DaveCasa Colibri Casitas

We get FAR MORE RENTALS from our ad on your website than from our rental agent in Sayulita. Thank you for creating Sayulita Life. Sayulita really needed this!

– Phil & Ellen SchultzCasa Mar

We just received a 9-day rental from Sayulita Life for AUGUST!!! (10 months in advance.) ..this is a great tool for summer rentals. Keep up the great work!

– Patricia ClenaghenCasa Cumpleanos

...Wow! After THREE DAYS on the site, we already got a rental for late June thanks for the professional help. we consider this a major win.

– Robert and IvetteCasa Sol

You were right!! We had an inquiry for six nights come in last night …about 7 hours after you had it posted! … it works, tee-hee! Less than 24 hours after our listing posted, we have had three inquires and one confirmation. Amazing! The site is obviously worth it; thanks again for all your help.

– MariaCasita Limon

Casa Tocayo has been on your website for less than 24 hours and already we have two inquiries! Great job!

– Bob DanielsCasa Tocayo

I have been advertising with Sayulita Life for 6 years now. My business would not be what it is today without them. Great website, super informative, and their customer service can't be beat! Highly recommended!!

– EdDorsett Photography

Sayulita Life is a great resource for my small business and has helped me grow over the last couple of years. I’m a big fan of everything they do for locals and visitors!

– PaulPaul Desmond Productions

I have had my listing on SayulitaLife for years now and have always been super happy with the results. They are responsive, consistent, aimed towards problem-solving and provide excellent customer service. Advertising with them has really helped improve my business and I believe their efforts have improved the town as well. Thank you all and keep up the great work!

– DelaniHecho Con Amor

"I have been advertising my jewelry business with SayulitaLife since the beginning. I continue to join them year after year because of their influence on my success. It's great to be part of their online Sayulita community, and their dedication to having Sayulita, and my business, appear at the top of google search is unsurpassed. I can't recommend their services enough"

– KIMBERLEY KEEHNSayulita Sol Jewelry

"We have been advertising with Sayulita Life for the last 7 years, since the beginning, it has been a great tool to let future visitors know about our offerings and to be able to be in contact and organize all their Holiday activities prior to their arrival. Sayulita Life is a great one stop location to sort out all the visitor Sayulita needs, and it helps businesses like ours to reach our potential clients in a friendly and non intrusive way"


"Sayulita Life has been an amazing tool to grow and expand my Sayulita business. I have seen a four-fold increase in my service over my seven years advertising with Sayulita Life. This has become the go-to website for the majority of Sayulita visitors and the website I recommend for a comprehensive understanding of what Sayulita has to offer."


"We were one of the first to place an ad with Sayulitalife and it has been an amazing tool for our business. They have always had a hands on approach with creative ideas and the follow through to help us reach more and more people. We value the relationship we developed over years with Sayulitalife!"


"As a new business in Sayulita, SayulitaLife was a able to give us the publicity we needed to be recognized very quickly in Sayulita. We are a little hidden and the interactive map feature has been a big help in letting people know exactly where we are located."

– Josue CortezAaleyah's Wings and Nachos

"Sayulita Life has been an excellent tool for advertising our wedding business. When we were just starting out, Sayulita Life was our introduction to the Sayulita market and brought us all of our initial client inquiries, allowing us to build a client-base and a reputation among the top wedding planners in Sayulita. After 7 years planning weddings in Sayulita, a majority of our clients still find us through Sayulita Life, and we have been fortunate to have as much business as we looking for, without having to invest in additional advertising or constantly update our own website for search engine optimization. The pricing for a business ad is incredibly fair and reasonable, and has not increased once in 7 years - which is fabulous and pretty unheard of in business and life in general. I would recommend Sayulita Life to any business owner looking to grow their business and reach consumers and tourists in the Sayulita and surrounding markets."

– Gabbi and Andrea VillarrubiaSayulita Dream Weddings

We are grateful to Sayulita Life, who have been doing incredible work advertising our business, making us known among locals and tourists in the last few years. Sayulita Life is a great opportunity for growth in business. Thank you so much to all Sayulita Life staff from us here at the Chicalocca family.

– GIL DRORYChica Locca Magical Tours